The River Church exists to passionately DESIRE, DECLARE, and DISPLAY
the glory of God in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit for the joy of all people!
Doesn’t it feel like we are all just scratching the surface as we run faster with life’s pull? The more things added to improve us seem only to keep us frayed. We are robbed of deeper connections with others and with the deep soul satisfaction we were actually made for.
That’s were we come in.

The River Church!

We are for people who DESIRE more, those curious, knowing that if nothing here on earth truly satisfies we must be made for more. In that pursuit, we look to restore the simple pleasures of a gasp; a moment of awe; a shared tear, whether of sorrow or of joy. Finding a truth so freeing, it keeps you coming back for more. It’s a journey to find why we are and who we are. A journey with God because of Christ!

It’s a desire fulfilled that will DECLARE with overwhelming expression we have found our heart’s treasure! It is Christ! We believe in living full out, but for the lasting things. A journey full of discoveries and experiences that are beyond your greatest expectations. And yet realizing these moments are best enjoyed with others. The DISPLAY of this life with God is exquisite! And is best experienced in sharing in this life with other people.

Whether you choose to visit us, stay with us, discover with us; we believe our purpose is to create a place where you can experience the exhilarating life we have in God. Our hope is, even if it’s one visit, you will receive something that will last you a lifetime. And that our passion will linger with you long after you may leave us. We believe we really live when we connect with God through Jesus Christ and with others around us. We welcome you as a new face, but hope it will be one we get to see for a long time to come!

Enter here.

The River is waiting!

Find your delight in lingering here to DESIRE, DECLARE and DISPLAY the glory of God in Christ!

This is what you were made for!